Can I give a gift subscription of Our Preschool Life?

Absolutely! When you place your order, check the This is a gift box in the cart and fill in the e-mail address of the gift recipient. An e-mail will automatically be sent to the recipient to let them know about the gift and ask them to set up an account and supply shipping information. You will continue to manage the monthly payments and your payment information will remain private to you.

Currently, our software is limited to only one subscription or gift subscription per person. You can either subscribe for yourself or give one gift subscription. We are working on modifying that feature so you will be able to give multiple gift subscriptions and have one of your own if desired.

Tip: If you want a gift subscription to remain a surprise until a certain date, you may want to wait until that date to subscribe so the recipient won’t see the automatic e-mails until then. Keep in mind that the welcome kit and first kit will follow from the date of subscription. See the timeline below for details.

To Receive the Subscribe by
December welcome kit / January box November 26
January welcome kit / February box December 26
February welcome kit / March box January 26
March welcome kit / April box February 26
April welcome kit / May box March 26
May welcome kit / June box April 26
June welcome kit / July box May 26
July welcome kit / August box  June 26
August welcome kit / September box July 26
September welcome kit / October box August 26
October welcome kit / November box September 26
November welcome kit / December box October 26